Does anyone you know have trouble with sagging eyelids, either upper lid or lower lids? Tell them about us. We can help. While there are many different ways to deal with the irritation that this may cause, at some point, surgery may be the best answer for you. Here at Advanced Eye Center we offer many different procedures to help with lid function and eyelid lifting to help your vision and comfort.

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Entropian can cause much irritation and this occurs when the lower lid turns inward and the eyelashes rub the eye. The lid normally hugs the eye’s surface so that when blinking, moisture is smoothed over the cornea surface to keep vision clear and cornea healthy. A lid repair surgery is important to perform in these situations. Talk with your eye doctor about any discomfort you have so that you can protect your vision and regain your comfort.


Blepharoplasty is needed when the upper lid loosens and hangs down over the lashline, causing a loss of the peripheral vision. This is the most common type of lid surgery. Many people complain of feeling fatigue, but that is mostly due to the forehead muscles tiring of lifting the eyebrows and upper lids all day. If you have notice that your vision is much better when you raise your eyebrows, it may be time for an evaluation for the lid lifting surgery called a blepharoplasty.


Ectropian occurs when the lower lid becomes loose and no longer hugs the surface of the eye. The surface of the eye will dry out and become constantly red and irritated. The surface needs to stay moisture to be healthy so this will create trouble over time with the health of the cornea. If left untreated this can cause scarring of the cornea. Speaking with you eye doctor about discomfort and red eye is important to maintain the health of your eye.


Ptosis occurs when the muscle that lifts the upper lid or eyebrow is no longer working. In a small child eyelid ptosis should be repaired if the pupil is covered or the optic nerve may no develop. At later ages the lid not lifting may impair peripheral vision for driving and other activities, so it may important for functional reasons more than cosmetic to have the lid lifted surgically. This is called a lid ptosis repair. The eye brow can also droop causing problems and an brow ptosis repair may be needed.

If you know someone who has traveled far away for any medical treatment, then you know how hard it can be to arrange and plan for the journey. We are conveniently located in Gainesville to help you manage all of your eyecare needs with our surgery center attached to our whole practice. Our doctors are very skilled at eyelid lifts and surgical repairs.