Would you want discount eye surgery?

When looking into LASIK, the price range is very different. You will be quoted anything from $250 per eye all the way to $2,500 per eye. Why is there such variation? Bait and switch, the old sales tactic, is the reason for the large price range.

First of all $250 per eye is a scam. No one ever qualifies to have LASIK for that low of a price. Those candidates have a prescription that is negligible and does not affect their vision. The power they need is so small they wouldn’t even buy a pair of glasses to correct that, nor would they have LASIK. Most people seeking LASIK will leave with a price tag of about $4,000 for the laser procedure, or $2,000 per eye. Read more about LASIK on this site here.

These super discount clinics also have a LASIK counsellor perform your entire evaluation and procedure scheduling.You will not meet your doctor until you are under the laser and that doctor is likely in training. The clinic will typically charge you for each visit afterwards and for any additional treatment needed.

A more expensive LASIK procedure should involve you meeting your doctor. You will need to feel comfortable with your surgeon and feel they are listening to you and answering your questions well. The visit should be a comprehensive exam including dilation. Your options for vision correction should be discussed and you should leave feeling you have learn much about the procedure.

As far as the options between different doctors who charge more, you may find a variation of a few hundred dollars. The most important thing is that you find a surgeon and an office where you feel comfortable. Questions should be answered intelligently and timely. The staff should seem knowledgable and compassionate. LASIK can feel like a scary procedure, so it is important to know you are with a team that understands.


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