Bladeless Cataract Surgery

Advanced Eye Center has over 30 years of experience helping patients throughout Northeast Georgia with their vision correction goals and needs. We offer bladeless cataract surgeries with specialty lenses that offer you wide-ranges of vision and less dependency on glasses.

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The Process

Do you know what a cataract is? Everyone has a clear dome on the front of their eye that is called a cornea, then light will pass through another clear area for further focusing which is the lens. This is the area that becomes cloudy over time from illness or sun damage that is called a cataract. With cataract surgery, a small incision is placed in the outer edge of the cornea to allow the surgeon to gently melt the natural lens and remove the contents with ultrasound technology. This process is made even safer with the addition of a laser to create the incisions, and then gently soften and divide the lens for the doctor. This added advancement allows for protection of the delicate eye structures as well as better centration of the specialty lenses.

With the introduction of Bladeless cataract surgery, we have been able to improve the results with the upgraded lenses. Everyone wants to see their best, and here at Advanced Eye Center in Gainesville, GA we offer the latest lens upgrades for the clearest vision for you. We even have incorporated a new piece of equipment that measures your eye during surgery. The computer can confirm the power of lens needed after the cataract has been removed and before a new one is placed. This allows for more precision down to the very last step in surgery. Voted the Best Eye Clinic of 2020 in Hall County for four years in a row, we can help transform your vision. Contact us to schedule an evaluation today and learn more about how we have helped patients just like you.