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Here at Advanced Eye Center we invest in the best technology as well as the most accomplished personnel to provide you with an exceptional outcome. With LASIK being the safest elective procedure available in the USA with over 20 million procedures here in the last 25 years, this shows time-tested reliable outcomes. We have a combination of the best technology and highly accomplished team. In our office, we know the importance of investing in our people as well as technology for an amazing experience.

By now you have more than likely heard about LASIK. It’s an acronym for Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. Corneal laser surgery for permanent vision correction. How does this work? There are two steps with the procedure:

The first step is to reach the stroma or sturdy layer of the cornea for a permanent reshaping to correct the vision. This can be achieved with a laser or by wiping off the epithelial cells. Either method has the same vision outcome typically at day 5. The only difference is the healing time.

During the second step, the vision is correction based on the measurements made during your evaluation. You must choose between the standard vision correction method or the custom vision correction method. The standard method is very similar to your glasses or contact lens correction. If you have any glare or halos or slight blur to your vision with your glasses or contact lenses, custom treatment may be best for you. Custom treatment use the measurements gathered at the wavefront mapping machine. 

The Laser Method

The laser method creates a plasma layer at a precise depth (within 2 microns of accuracy) in a shape similar to a contact lens and then a nice rim around it to the surface. Your surgeon will elevate the tissue (called a flap) to expose the stroma. The excimer laser will apply cool laser technology to reshape the sturdy layer for focusing the vision on the retina. The flap lays back down over the treatment area and then once the edges are lined up nicely, you can resume blinking like normal without trouble. the vision is foggy for a few hours but immediately better than without glasses for most people. Patients with all laser LASIK can go back to work the next day typically.

The PRK Method

If there is not enough corneal thickness or if there are corneal scars, PRK is the method of choice. This is where the surgeon will wipe off the epithelial cells and then reshape the stroma tissue without using any cornea in a flap creation. This preserves tissue or will help reduce or eliminate corneal scars. A clear “bandage” contact lens will be placed to help with comfort and smooth healing for 4-6 days, and we ask that you do not plan on driving during that time. Vision results are the same as with the flap creation, the difference is only the down time of 4 to 6 days versus one day. Afterward, the vision is equal between the two different methods.

After The Procedure

After your procedure you may experience an eyelash sensation and excessive tearing. Everyone will experience hazy vision like looking through a smoke-screen. Over the next few hours after LASIK the vision will clear. After PRK vision will fluctuate for several days, and then begin to clear up after the clear contact lens is removed. Everyone post-op will need to use a prescription antibiotic eyedrop and steroid eyedrop four times daily for a week. After the PRK those patients will have a third prescription drop called an NSAID that will help reduce discomfort and promote healing. All post-op patients will need to use artificial tears hourly the first week or so.

Say Goodbye to Glasses and Contact Lenses

From Wavefront capture to Custom Wavefront guided correction, LASIK can provide you with better clarity than glasses or contact lenses. Hubble telescope technology is utilized in our Wavescan to measure hundreds of different points on your cornea to reshape the treatment just for you. The glare at night and distortion can be reduced with Custom LASIK and has been proven effective in FDA trials. We also offer all laser LASIK with LASIK corneal flaps created with the gentle LenSx laser. With this the newest of the femtosecond lasers, there is much less pressure on the eyes which means much less discomfort. There is also less chance for the post-LASIK red eye because of how gentle this laser is for our patients. Vision results are 96% 20/20 or better in all FDA trials with this level of combined technology.

Our Doctor Provides The Best Care!

Dr. Ackerman is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist. He is a leader in adopting and implementing the latest technologies for cataract surgery and LASIK on a state and national level. He received his undergraduate degree at UGA and his doctorate of medicine in Tampa, Florida. Over the last 25 years, he has performed tens of thousands of vision correction procedures. Beginning with RK in the early 1990’s and participation in the early PRK procedures, he truly understands how to pick the best vision correction plan for you. He is also skilled at glaucoma surgeries, diabetic procedures, macular degeneration management, and corneal transplants in addition to LASIK and laser cataract surgery.

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Are you a candidate? With a relatively stable glasses or contact lens prescription, after 18 years of age, and a healthy cornea, most people are certainly candidates for LASIK. We offer a free LASIK consultation to give you the opportunity to see why we are voted the best in Hall County year after year and why you should trust us for your vision correction procedure. Come see us today!