No joke, LASIK is quite the investment. It’s a good investment in improved vision, but it is definitely an investment…

And while there are good options to help pay for it, that doesn’t suddenly make it affordable. Like the security deposit on a new apartment, or a spring trip to Cancun, it’s something you’ve gotta save for.

That being the case, there are ways you are — ways we all are — just throwing money away that, added up, could go a long way toward ditching those glasses for LASIK.

Here are just 7 tips to avoid the patently silly ways we just throw money away.

1. Going a little further to the cheaper grocery store

It’s a blessing and a curse living right by a luxe, hip, organic grocer. The cold-pressed juices and hot food bar are choice, but when you inevitably have to pop out of your apartment for cumin or oregano or whatever, it costs like twice what you’d pay anywhere else. And those quick trips add up fast. So even when you’re just running out to grab that one little thing, going a little farther to the cheaper grocery store is worth it. Or, bonus points, move closer to the cheaper grocery store.

2. Skip that fancy coffee

You know you love it but those little treats can cost $5 plus the tip. By the end of a month you’ve spent $200 on your work day treat. LASIK can be financed for $100 per month, so why complain about your dry eye and contact lenses while sipping on your latte?

3. Searching for coupons when you shop online

If you don’t already do this, it’s a genius way to hang onto some cash. When you’re doing some online shopping and about to check out, most stores have a text field for entering a discount code. Well, open a new tab and do a search to see if you can find an available discount code online. It’s a little extra step that can amount to a little extra dough.

4. Buy in bulk

This one seems both obvious and challenging for those of us who live in small studio or one-bedroom apartments, but if you’ve got the space, it really actually does save to buy in bulk. Yes, even after you’ve paid for the club membership at your local big-box, bulk goods store.

5. Pick up your own takeout

Gotta love those new courier apps. The gig economy means there are people at all hours of the day willing to pick up your takeout, your dry cleaning, your dog from the vet — anything, and bring it right to your door. But it often means that pad thai costs like twice what it would’ve if you went and got it yourself. Choices…

6. Using the carpool version of rideshare instead of the single rider one

Yes, it means sitting with strangers, but you can save serious bucks by opting for the carpool version the next time you order a car to get to your friend’s place. Bonus challenge: try to make your rideshare partner a new friend! Or ignore each other in uncomfortable silence — totally appropriate.

7. Remember: apps cost real money

It can feel very insignificant when buying an app is as insignificant as a couple button clicks and a fingerprint scan. If you can buy something in less than five seconds, does it really count? Yes, it does, and that real money is really being charged to you. So give it that extra 30 seconds of thought you would any real purchase before you just hit “buy” in the app store.

Of course it’d be ridiculous to say that never buying an app again will suddenly make LASIK affordable, but each of these ideas can save a few dollars here and there on everyday purchases, and combined with some other great tools for financing LASIK, it adds up.

If you’re curious to take another look at LASIK, schedule a consultation with us.

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