Medical Eye Exams

Routine Eye Exams

An important part of preventive health care are periodic eye and vision examinations.  You might not know a problem exists because many eye and vision problems have no obvious signs or symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems can help prevent permanent vision loss. 

Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with us because you do not have Vision Insurance. Medical health Insurance does cover a wide variety of eye exams at Advanced Eye Center in Gainesville, GA.  We also accept cash pay. See below for many of the different reasons for a medical eye exam.

Dry eye– there are so many different remedies for helping people manage dry eyes. Medical insurance will cover many of these options. Read more here.

Blurry vision -gradual onset (may fall under vision insurance if related to glasses change.) This is certainly a reason to see your eye doctor. Make an appointment here.

Amblyopia evaluation -if there is a family history, or a child appears to have one eye turning, the sooner their eyes are professionally evaluated the better for their best vision function for potentially the rest of their lives.

Retina evaluation -flashing lights, floaters, curtain dropping over part of the vision are all symptoms of possible retina trouble. Unfortunately so is night blindness in a persons 20’s. Eye exams are very important if you have experienced any of these symptoms. Read more here.

High-Risk Medication Screening Certain medications may put you at higher-risk for macular change or cataract developement and even glaucoma. Your medical doctor will typically refer you for an eye exam if you are prescribed one of these medications.

Eyelid Function Evaluation if someone as droopy eyelids, this can cause trouble with peripheral vision, fatigue, and dimmer vision. Sometimes eyelids will turn the wrong way or loosen over time causing irritation and possible corneal damage. The eye lid surgeries can be covered. Medical insurance covers this evaluation.

Pterygium Evaluation This growth occurs from UV damage or sun damage in the white part of the eye. Not only a cosmetic issue, the growth can lead to blurry vision and even vision loss if left untreated and it continues to grow. Yearly monitoring is beneficial for protecting vision, and an eye exam is covered by medical insurance.

Diabetic eye exam -Anyone who has seen a doctor about blood sugar issues knows that their doctor wants them to have an eye exam. Your eye doctor can detect early changes in blood vessels caused by persistently elevated sugar levels. We treat diabetic retinopathy here in our surgery center. Medical insurance covers annual eye exams for this reason.

Hypertension eye exam -high blood pressure can cause damage to blood vessels over time. The eyes are a great way to detect these changes early and prevent permanent vessel damage. This is a covered medical exam.
Glaucoma screening There are several risk factors that put you at higher-risk for this sight-threatening illness. Having a family member with this disease, being over the age of 40, are of African, Hispanic, or Asian heritage, have high eye pressure, are farsighted or nearsighted, have had an eye injury, use long-term steroid medications, have corneas that are thin in the center, have thinning of the optic nerve, have diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, poor blood circulation or other health problems affecting the whole body. Medical insurance covers this exam. Read more here.

Macular degeneration This disease can be managed with early detection and eye exams. The loss of central vision caused by change of the macula health can be life-altering. We can perform many of the screenings as well as treatments if you were to need treatment. Medical insurance covers this exam.

Muscle Balance/ Alignment Evaluation when one eye turns or is longer to hold focus, this can cause double vision, fatigue, and frustration. Some causes are viral, some from nerve palsies, other can be neurological sources. Regardless, all new problems with focusing and double vision should be evaluated as soon as possible to determine the source for the trouble. We evaluate and help manage these conditions.

Emergency Eye Exams


  • Foreign body removal if you work in welding or grinding, you know that those little pieces can sneak under your protective goggles. Please come on in and let us check to see if they are lodge in the cornea. The rust-rings or foreign bodies can cause permanent scarring which may affect your vision for life. We are here every day Monday through Friday. Let us protect your eyes.
  • Scratched Cornea the eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, if you think you may have scratched it, an eye exam will help to be sure there is no wound which can lead to scarring if left untreated. We help to protect the vision of hundreds of patient daily, and this is one of the most painful eye events. Do not wait.
  • Contact lens over-wear– while sleeping in contact lenses may seem harmless at the time, your eye can be incredibly painful when that contact lens comes out. It is best to come in for an eye exam if the eye stays red. The cornea can develop ulcers from contact lens over-wear and the eye can develop an allergy to the contact lens themselves. If you do sleep in your contacts, keep those regular eye exams to help us be sure there is no damage to your eyes. Read more here.
  • Blunt trauma Accidents do happen even when you are taking safety precautions. If you are using any power tools and feel something hit the eye, call us or come in for an eye exam right away. If you are playing sports and are hit in the eye, do not wait, call for appointment today. Trauma can cause inflammation after a few days that may lead to severe eye pain and blurry vision. Trauma may also cause bleeding inside the eye or even glaucoma or cataracts.
  • Sudden Vision Loss The eye is a very complicated organ in the body,. The nerves, blood supply, brain, and structures can each cause vision loss that occurs suddenly. If you wake and your vision has become completely blurred in one eye, call our office right away. If you are awake and working on a project and your vision goes blurry and blinking or resting does not regain your vision, call us, There are so many important things to evaluate when a person has a sudden change in vision, therefore eye exams are an important step in proper care and diagnoses.

LASIK Evaluation: Say Goodbye to Glasses and Contact Lenses

From Wavefront capture to Custom Wavefront guided correction, LASIK can provide you with better clarity than glasses or contact lenses. Hubble telescope technology is utilized in our Wavescan to measure hundreds of different points on your cornea to reshape the treatment just for you. The glare at night and distortion can be reduced with Custom LASIK and has been proven effective in FDA trials. We also offer all laser LASIK with LASIK corneal flaps created with the gentle LenSx laser. With this the newest of the femtosecond lasers, there is much less pressure on the eyes which means much less discomfort. There is also less chance for the post-LASIK red eye because of how gentle this laser is for our patients. Vision results are 96% 20/20 or better in all FDA trials with this level of combined technology.

Schedule your LASIK consultation today

Plan on spending two hours with us for a comprehensive evaluation of your eyes to develop a treatment plan that is right for you. Please stay out of your contact lenses 1 week prior to your appointment.


I have been going here for a long time. Very professional and friendly people. Dr. Ackerman is one of the best eye Doctors that I know of.” –Gloria Maurice Presley Dale

“All the staff was very helpful and courteous and Dr. Robinson showed a keen empathetic and professional attitude in examining all test results. He and his staff created a feeling of strong diligence in examining all aspects of my sight well being.” —Lamar Turk