The last straw. The end of my rope. We have a number of expressions for being fed up with something and making a change.

For people who are fed up with their contacts or glasses, there are usually lots of reasons they decide to get LASIK. But there’s often also that one final thing that tips them over the edge.

So, what was it? Well, we asked some real LASIK patients.

Complications from Contact Lenses

Even though she was good about keeping her contacts clean and taking them out at night, realtor Feroza Syed got an infection landing her at an urgent care clinic. Feroza’s eye healed, but her optometrist said she may be more prone to similar eye problems down the road that could put her vision at risk. That’s when the doctor suggested Feroza talk to an Ophthalmologist about LASIK, its risks and benefits and to see if she is a candidate for the LASIK procedure. This is why she chose LASIK Her only regret? Letting her fear keep her from getting it done long ago.

Not a Face for Glasses- Literally

Singer/songwriter Apryle Dalmacio could never wear glasses — not because she didn’t like the way they looked, but because she doesn’t have a bridge on her nose, which caused her glasses to slip right off, and the way she had to contort her face muscles to keep them in place would give her tension headaches. While LASIK had always been in the back of her mind, she never actively considered it until hearing that her aunt, cousin and best friend had the procedure. So she decided to get a free consultation. At that visit, she knew her decision was made. Apryle chose LASIK and never looked back.

A Professional Reason

Pro pitcher Tommy Milone started having vision problems about eight years ago when he was playing in the minor leagues. Glasses weren’t an option on the field, and contacts didn’t sit right on his eyes and caused a lot of discomfort. Tommy’s vision was hugely frustrating not only for him, but also for his teammates and manger who depended on him to read the catcher’s signals a full 60 feet from the pitcher’s mound. After hearing that other players on his team had gotten LASIK, he decided to look into it himself.


When marketer Kelsey Lee was assigned a project to increase awareness of LASIK online, she viewed it as an opportunity to re-immerse herself in a procedure she’d given off-and-on consideration to for years, but had never acted on out of fear. She immersed herself in the business, learning the ins and outs of LASIK and researching statistics on the high surgery satisfaction rate and potential side effects, like dry eye and visual disturbances, along the way. And learning more about LASIK ultimately lead her to get the procedure done herself.

Two Ill-fitting Solutions

Ashton Timmons’ vision impairment crept up on him slowly, like it does for many people, posing a problem for the avid surfer, snowboarder and rock climber. He found contacts irritating, and glasses would have to come off for surf or climbing practice, as they affected his peripheral vision. Faced with two ill-fitting solutions, he sought a consultation for LASIK and once he understood the risks and benefits of the procedure, he learned that he was a good candidate for LASIK, he decided to get the procedure.

A Growing Occupational Hazard

Paramedic Jessica Churovich preferred wearing contacts at work, but this was problematic during her night shifts when she’d take them out to sleep and had less than two minutes to get them back in if a call came in. But wearing glasses were their own challenge. The hot truck caused them to fog up, and one time a patient even punched them off her face. Once colleagues introduced her to the 911 Foundation, which provides free LASIK to first responders, it was a no-brainer! After she talked to her doctor and understood the risks and benefits of the procedure and found out that she was a good candidate, she had the procedure done.

If you are at the end of your rope with blurry vision, contacts, or glasses, consider LASIK

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