Spring has officially burst into the scene here in Gainesville, Georgia. There are gorgeous flowers and buds on the tree, but there’s also pollen. Allergies used to cause me much more than occasional redness and itchy eyes. The itching and redness would blur my vision and make contact lens wearing very difficult, at times impossible. Now, after LASIK, I no longer fear spring. Consider upgrading your eyes, so you too can enjoy your spring and let go of the fear of pollen. Whether you chose LASIK or glasses, there many tools you can use to help manage the seasonal discomfort.


Artificial tears that are preservative-free are a helpful starting point. Simply adding more lubrication to the surface of your eye that is balanced and moisturizing can really reduce symptoms. The tear film has three layers, mucous, water, and oil. Allergies bring irritation and imbalance in those three layers. Add some throughout the day to gain some relief.


If artificial tears aren’t enough, then move on up to cold compresses whenever the itching gets out of control. Don’t suffer, cool your eyes with a damp, cold, clean wash cloth. Hold that over those eyes with your eyelids closed for a good minute or two. Before bed, cool them again with the wash cloth, then do a warm compress. Make sure to change your pillow case daily if you don’t wash your hair every night to keep those allergen off your face.


Next step is to talk with you doctor or pharmacist and try allergy eye drops. There are many over the counter formulas that work well. They are worth trying, but if the relief is short lived, visit with your eye doctor. Your ophthalmologist or optometrist can prescribe stronger allergy eye drops formulated to prevent the histamine response and block or stabilize the mast cells. Different formulas work well with different people so if they have samples, it’s wonderful to try it before you buy it. Most Allergy drops are fine to use before and after your LASIK procedure, just let your eye doctor know which ones you are using.


Hang in there and whatever you do, don’t ignore the irritation and wear your contacts regardless if the discomfort. That is a recipe for corneal ulcer or worse, corneal scarring. This can make LASIK difficult and even cause a permanent decrease in your vision. When considering how to manage your spring allergies be sure to have an open discussion with your eye doctor so they can help you manage your symptoms in a way that best fits your busy lifestyle. Permanent vision correction with LASIK is a great way to reduce allergy symptoms by just no longer needing contact lenses and reducing the daily risk you take by wearing those things on your eyes. Consider investigating your options and learn how LASIK may help you with a consultation with us.


Whether you chose LASIK to simplify your daily routine or stop using contacts and go with glasses, remember to evaluate all your options before you are too frustrated. I remember all to well how tired I was before I asked for help, and truthfully I now see that there’s no reason to suffer. There are so many options. Do what’s best for you and your busy lifestyle, just be sure to take good care of your eyes.


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