Lee I.
“Dr. Ackerman is the most outstanding ophthalmologist ever! Not only is his skill and knowledge through the roof, his staff is also top notch!”

Susan W.
“Everyone does such a thorough and professional job here. They are friendly caring. All around wonderful eye care. Have been a patient here for many years!”

Misty N.
“We are very pleased with the staff and doctors at Advanced Eye Center! They work well with children and work great to meet the needs of the patient.”

Candie A.
“Everyone was great, from the front office staff all the way through the process to the lense/frame staff.”

Ben W.
“Dr Robinson is always very thorough and concerned about my eye health. I highly recommend Advanced Eye Center.”

Rebecca O.
“My family always has a wonderful experience when we go for our check ups. The staff is responsive and compassionate and works marvelously with my autistic son.”

Damon G.
“They have a large selection of frames, and most perscriptions can be handled on the spot.”

Connie L.
“Glad they were so concerned with my eye. Had great experience and Dr Robinson was very attentive.”

Thorough Exam – very professional.
Albert E. | Feb 08, 2024

Really a great bunch of people very professional and friendly to everyone treats, everyone with great respect
Gregory B. | Feb 02, 2024

Very respectful, gentle, no wait, great job
Patricia E. | Feb 01, 2024

Dr. Robinson is through in exams and follow up. He gives me what I need when I need it. He is professional, as well as the other personal, kind and helpful!
Paul B. | Jan 31, 2024

Dr. Ackerman is the Best!!!
Minnie C. | Jan 29, 2024

Great experience from beginning to end. So glad I found this practice. They also have a fantastic eyeglass store on premises.
Robert M. | Jan 27, 2024

Everyone very helpful.
Barbara J. | Jan 25, 2024

Excellent experience
John C. | Jan 24, 2024

Great doctor and wonderful staff
Josephine S. | Jan 24, 2024

I have been going here for twenty plus years and have always been well pleased with the care I get.
Randall B. | Jan 23, 2024

Everyone there is pleasant and some employees are exceptionally pro patient oriented and very knowledgeable.
Sonia M. | Jan 23, 2024

I was terrified to have cataract surgery only having sight in one eye. Last Tuesday (1/16) Dr. Ackerman did the surgery on my only functioning eye and for the first time (since I was eight years old) I can see everything with my good eye clearly without glasses! He assured me everything would be ok and he was correct! The procedure is amazing! Thank you Dr. Ackerman! You are the best!
Joan D. | Jan 20, 2024

Provided professional
Karen H. | Jan 19, 2024

Muy buena
Miguel V. | Jan 19, 2024

Everyone is very kind and helpful Dr.Kim is wonderful.
Stephanie H. | Jan 19, 2024

Dr Ackerman is the BEST !!
Gilford D. | Jan 19, 2024

Dr. Ackerman is kind and very professional. He took time with me to explain my condition and answer questions that I had. He offered me treatments that were not offered by my previous provider. I am grateful to having his expertise available.
Denise Y. | Jan 18, 2024

Staff always so nice . Very organized
Heidi A. | Jan 17, 2024

a long wait, but it was worth it
Marie S. | Jan 16, 2024

I just had my first surgery today, so I may need to post later. So far so good, everyone one at the office has been friendly and helpful. Dr Ackerman was very pleasent to speak with he took his Time and answered my concerns. I will keep you posted o. My progress.
Nora N. | Jan 16, 2024

Dr Robinson is awesome, he is very nice and gentle. He is quick to observe my issues. I recommend this office.
Linda H. | Jan 16, 2024

Good job
Raquel H. | Jan 13, 2024

Everyone was so polite and professional. They relayed information that was clear, it made my husband and I informed. We found out that there are multiple plan choices. We were treated with respect, and kindness. Super Place, wonderful folks
Rhonda K. | Jan 11, 2024

This is an amazing practice and I’m so happy to be one of their patients! I deal with complex issues when it comes to my eyes, and of course Dr. Ackerman knows exactly what he’s talking about when it comes to those issues. I know I’m getting 5-star high-quality treatment regarding the health and care of my eyes. Needless to say, I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else. I HIGHLY recommend this practice and I recommend them anytime anyone asks me where I go to get my eyes and vision checked out and taken care of. I plan on being their patient for life!
Michael F. | Jan 10, 2024

Everything went well
Carol B. | Jan 05, 2024

Efficient and thorough eye exam. Very professional.
Violet H. | Jan 05, 2024

Great Dr!
Ronald J. | Jan 04, 2024

excellent care, very efficient and very helpful
Jacquelyn H. | Jan 04, 2024

Professional, friendly, & knowledgeable staff.
Shawn W. | Jan 04, 2024

Robert K. | Jan 03, 2024

Everyone was so nice and helpful Thank you so much
Janice J. | Jan 03, 2024

Dr. Kim and staff were very efficient and thorough and answered all my questions. Very nice to work with all concerned.
Rita W. | Dec 29, 2023

From staff to doctors, everyone was friendly, positive and welcoming. Never felt rushed, forgotten or left out of the process. I had both operated on for cataracts and one month out my eyes are performing great. I would highly recommend this practice based on my experience.
Wayne N. | Dec 29, 2023

Dr Robinson is great. Patient, courteous, polite. Explains things well and answers all questions.
Mary Lou L. | Dec 28, 2023

Dr.Kim rocks!!!
Ronald V. | Dec 28, 2023

My Experience was great
Nancy H. | Dec 27, 2023

Professional and friendly
Freddy R. | Dec 22, 2023

Friendly Staff, Dr was personable and reassuring,
James E. | Dec 22, 2023

Doctor Kim and entire staff are always so friendly and professional.
Donna J. | Dec 21, 2023

Staff was great, kind, and courteous! Speedy but through! Dr. Kim was nice and spent the right amount of time with me and my concerns.
Damon G. | Dec 19, 2023

Professional and carding people, easy to work with.
John W. | Dec 19, 2023

The kind and friendly staff made my visit worthwhile ❤️
Joyce M. | Dec 19, 2023

Much appreciate the on-time and competent service……
Sonja E. | Dec 15, 2023

The teams and doctors here are the best a person could ask for. They have replaced Mindy’s lenses with absolutely perfect results and are preparing to do the same for me. If you need eye services you should look to no other provider. AWESOME !
Allie S. | Dec 14, 2023

Great service in and out until next year
Jack W. | Dec 14, 2023

Great and professional technicians and doctors.
Vicki G. | Dec 14, 2023

Dr. Robinson and his staff are very professional and very thorough with their patients. Highly recommend them. In fact my husband is now changing to them Linda Carlton, Clayton Ga.
Linda C. | Dec 13, 2023

Awesome professional care, taking time to answer my questions ,respectfully and cheerful.
Betty F. | Dec 12, 2023

Very thorough and explained what was happening with my left eye in a way that didn’t alarm me.
Mindy S. | Dec 12, 2023

Every person, with whom I came in contact, at Advanced Eye Center was professional, knowledgeable, and congenial. Also, Dr. Robinson was timely and informative.
David P. | Dec 12, 2023

Dr Ackerman is a very professional, capable and excellent doctor. I have been seeing him for a good number of years my wife sees him as well and because of his attention to detail my wife is still with me today a number of years ago he found a spot in her eye which ended up to be retina cancer which could have gone to her brain fortunately the retina doctor used medication to kill the cancer. Thank you Dr Ackerman
John B. | Dec 11, 2023

The care I received from Dr. Robinson was exceptional. He listened attentively to my concerns. The entire team at the clinic displayed a high level of professionalism and made me feel comfortable throughout my visit. I highly endorse Advanced Eye Center for their excellent service and expertise.
Pamela R. | Dec 07, 2023

Dr. Kim is a caring and knowledgeable doctor.
Patricia C. | Dec 05, 2023

Staff is friendly and knowledgeable! Excellent care!
Deborah C. | Dec 03, 2023

All the staff is friendly, professional and helpful. Dr. Ackerman is gives you great advice and does a wonderful job making you feel at ease before surgery. I have heard nothing but positive comments about results from his surgeries.
Michael G. | Nov 30, 2023

Estoy muy conforme por la atención y amabilidad.
Alfredo A. | Nov 30, 2023

Winfred M. | Nov 30, 2023

Robert P. | Nov 29, 2023

yall was absolutely great thank you
Timothy M. | Nov 29, 2023

Antonio T. | Nov 28, 2023

Every one knowledgeable and professional!!
Sandra J. | Nov 28, 2023

Very friendly and professional staff.
Alison G. | Nov 27, 2023

Friendly, courteous and knowledgeable people!!
Constance L. | Nov 27, 2023

De Robertson and his team are very thorough in treating and addressing my needs
Jefferey C. | Nov 27, 2023

Large collection of eye wear. No hassle and affordable.
Janet T. | Nov 22, 2023

She was very thorough and kind. Didn’t rush . I like her.
Catherine D. | Nov 21, 2023

It was comforting to have such a professional staff taking care of me and lots of smiling faces.
Charles R. | Nov 21, 2023

Good experience.
Keith B. | Nov 18, 2023

Betty M. | Nov 18, 2023

Dr very willing to try different things to help with my dry eye issues.
Patricia M. | Nov 17, 2023

Great. This practice is the best!
Phillip W. | Nov 17, 2023

I have been impressed by the great experience at Advanced Eye Center. Dr. Robinson and the staff have been great. Every one is friendly and the care is exceptional.
Alfred W. | Nov 17, 2023

William B. | Nov 17, 2023

Nice and professional
Rebecca R. | Nov 16, 2023

Great experience. Affordable and convenient.
Darryl M. | Nov 16, 2023

Great staff! Very courteous and professional staff from check in to check out. Dr. Leroy Robinson is always very informative, polite & professional.
Mary M. | Nov 16, 2023

Very thorough and little wait time.
Roy P. | Nov 16, 2023

Always great!
Margaret B. | Nov 15, 2023

Evon D. | Nov 15, 2023

Short wait time, very efficient moving from test to test. Always show concern for you and want you to know the condition of your eyes and what you should do.
Duane L. | Nov 15, 2023

The greatest bunch of people I know. They really made me feel very comfortable because I was a bit nervous. They changed all of that.
Betty D. | Nov 14, 2023

Very professional
Patricia B. | Nov 14, 2023

She was great
Telleah V. | Nov 14, 2023

I forgot her name. Whoever it was that gave me the first part of the exam, was AWESOME.
Julie G. | Nov 14, 2023

Great folks
Krystal M. | Nov 14, 2023

Fantastic doctor and staff!
Charles L. | Nov 14, 2023

The girl who brought me into the first exam room was great.
Tony G. | Nov 12, 2023

Very thorough exam
Bonnie B. | Nov 11, 2023

Took the time to explain the results of my eye exam and answer questions. Highly recommend Dr Robinson.
Timothy J. | Nov 11, 2023

It’s was a good visit
Janet B. | Nov 11, 2023

Dr Ackerman is always pleasant and caring.
Valerie D. | Nov 10, 2023

I have been a patient for several years and trust my very important vision care to you and the staff/ team. Thank you for your attentiveness.
Lisa C. | Nov 09, 2023

Friendly staff and professional atmosphere
David D. | Nov 09, 2023

Friendly and competent staff. Wait times were a little long.
Jaye M. | Nov 09, 2023

They took good care of me
Sharon C. | Nov 09, 2023

Michael C. | Nov 08, 2023

Doctor Robinson was very friendly and professional. All of his staff members were very friendly and helpful
William U. | Nov 08, 2023

Very competent and friendly clinicians. I’m very happy with Dr. Robinson and the entire staff’s professionalism and thoroughness in taking care of my eyesight.
Lavonne W. | Nov 08, 2023

A thorough exam.
Harlan A. | Nov 07, 2023

Dr. Ackerman and his staff treated me with care and professionalism.
Cecilia D. | Nov 07, 2023

Thought I had something in eye. Dr. Explain that I had a puncture in it and treated me with medication drops and it is already feeling better. Thank you for squeezing me in on a Thursday afternoon
Brian W. | Nov 03, 2023

From the walking into the door until I left everybody was very friendly and helpful. I always have a good experience but yesterday was the best I had.
Juan M. | Nov 03, 2023

Patricia K. | Nov 02, 2023

Donald A. | Nov 02, 2023

Everyone is courteous and professional. I trust them. But, I had a hard time with the peripheral vision test. I have a bad neck and it hurt my neck to be there for so long in an extended position. So , I won’t be doing that test again.
Claudia R. | Nov 01, 2023

Alan S. | Nov 01, 2023

Everyone was great from the front office and all the testing areas I noticed they wipe down equipment before and after use
Christine B. | Oct 31, 2023

Testing inciteful, recommended follow-up made sense. Thanks
Stephen N. | Oct 29, 2023

Quick and efficient, as always.
Melissa M. | Oct 29, 2023

Dr. Ackerman is a very dedicated and patient doctor. He is very thorough in treating me. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Shirley C. | Oct 28, 2023

Best eye care in Gainesville!
Lexi G. | Oct 28, 2023

Friendly. Thorough. Focused.
Elaine L. | Oct 26, 2023

I was referred to Dr. Kim for sudden vision loss by my PCP. Even though she got me in that same day, Dr. Kim inferred I was just having floaters, even though I told her this was different than the floaters I had in the past. As an MD, she should have recognized my symptoms as more. She did refer me to a retina specialist, but did not ask them to make this a priority. My appointment was a week later. The retina specialist immediately sent me to the Emergency Room. It turns out I had a stroke in my optic nerve! Time is a huge factor in this condition and Dr. Kim did not seem to understand that someone with sudden vision loss needs immediate medical attention. She, along with my PCP should have sent me to the ER that day!!!
Kay S. | Oct 26, 2023

Knowledgeable friendly personable
Vickie M. | Oct 25, 2023

Michael G. | Oct 25, 2023

Very helpful and understanding!
Cynthia F. | Oct 22, 2023

He’s very thorough and always ask if I have a concern or anything
Dedra W. | Oct 22, 2023

No comment
Susan F. | Oct 21, 2023

Good visit
Deborah H. | Oct 21, 2023

I have been with Dr . Ackerman for years and I would like to stay with him . The Dr I seen was good and all. But I would like to stay with Dr Ackerman if I can. I am very concern with my eyes and I know all y’all are too. This Dr is very good but I would like to continue seeing Dr Ackerman if I can. Thankyou Bobby .P.Jones
Bobby J. | Oct 20, 2023

Real good
Billy H. | Oct 20, 2023

Reliable and effective treatments have kept me from going blind! Highly recommend Dr Ackerman and his staff! Great knowledgeable nurses!
Annie R. | Oct 20, 2023

The entire office visit was great. Very detailed in examining my eye, cataract. Very professional and cordial. Dr Ackerman explained everything in detail.
Thomas C. | Oct 20, 2023

Very personable
Elizabeth F. | Oct 20, 2023

Everything was fine except for the wait.
Koier V. | Oct 19, 2023

I would yes
Kathryn L. | Oct 19, 2023

Had an appointment with Dr Ackerman and had to see Dr Robinson which required an additional wait time. Dr Ackerman wasn’t feeling well and I choose to wait hence the longer wait.
Judy A. | Oct 19, 2023

Good, no problems at all, everything was explained, eyes turned out great! Cataracts we taken off. Just never saw surgeons before operation.
Terry R. | Oct 19, 2023

Stye on eyelid would not go away
Vickie R. | Oct 19, 2023

Bueno. Muy buen trato personal rapidos,eficientes,respetuosos. Fantastico.mucho calor humano gracias team
Sandra G. | Oct 18, 2023

Good. Very nice, caring and professional.
Linda S. | Oct 18, 2023

very good attention, but I liked the previous one better and thanks to those who help us with English, without them it would be very difficult.
Jose A. | Oct 18, 2023

Very professional staff and exams are always thorough. Dr. Robinson is top notch! He is kind and takes the time to listen. His responses to my questions are also thorough. I feel that I’ve received the best of care for my eyesight and for keeping my eyes healthy.
Deborah G. | Oct 18, 2023

Everyone was very kind and answered my questions even if they may have been silly on my part. This will def be my eye care specialist for as long as i can come 🙂
Samantha Y. | Oct 17, 2023

E N. | Oct 17, 2023

Takes time but it is an annual event and you get a thorough exam. My experience from the front desk, through several specific exams, Dr Ackerman’s exam and review with me, finally to Check Out was professional and pleasant. I was comfortable and confident when I left.
James S. | Oct 17, 2023

Very good doctors and very very good staff. I learned it wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be.
Mary E. | Oct 14, 2023

Friendly, Experienced group of people. Very satisfied with my visit. Thank you for your service. Sincerely Linda C., Clayton, GA
Linda C. | Oct 14, 2023

Very satisfied with everyone there. Dr. Kim was wonderful and very caring.
Recia J. | Oct 14, 2023

Everything was so organized and prepared and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Robinson is focused on giving me a good examination and answer any questions I may have.
Carole P. | Oct 13, 2023

Michael D. | Oct 13, 2023

Professional, courteous staff and doctor
Nancy A. | Oct 13, 2023

Doctor and those in the optical area were all very informative, helpful and kind.
Rene F. | Oct 13, 2023

Very nice and professional.
Cynthia R. | Oct 13, 2023

Dr. Kim was great to work with. She really explained what was going on with my vision.
Charley S. | Oct 12, 2023

Excellent service
Patricia B. | Oct 12, 2023

Great group and great professionalism
Danny C. | Oct 12, 2023

Friendly, helpful staff in all facets of the business
Michael D. | Oct 12, 2023

Always have a good experience.
Ronald O. | Oct 12, 2023

Very good service
Judy J. | Oct 12, 2023

The staff is very efficient and outgoing in every way. Dr Robinson is not only professional and direct but keeps the patients concerns in mind.
Jerry P. | Oct 12, 2023

Everyone was nice and I didn’t have to wait long. Efficient run office I think
Brenda H. | Oct 12, 2023

very friendly and thro
Janet A. | Oct 12, 2023

Dr. Ackerman and his staff are great, the office is well organized
Virginia H. | Oct 11, 2023

Very through very good doctor
Michael G. | Oct 11, 2023

Professional, excellent care!
Karen M. | Oct 11, 2023

Personnel were all great. Dr. Was excellent. Waits between tests seemed long.
Russell S. | Oct 11, 2023

Very efficient office. Wait time was reasonable. Excellent care taken during my exam
Donna C. | Oct 11, 2023

Satisfied with visit
Rebecca S. | Oct 10, 2023

very nice
Charles D. | Oct 10, 2023

She is Very nice and sweet
Juana O. | Oct 10, 2023

I didn’t get her name but the young lady that did my pre work was so nice. She let me know everything she was doing and told me even when I got the letters right on the test 🙂 She was ver professional, thorough and kind.
Margie W. | Oct 09, 2023

Deborah I. | Oct 07, 2023

Very good
Sandra B. | Oct 06, 2023

People were professional and friendly
Linda M. | Oct 06, 2023

Optical was great. Appointment was good also, just never talk to any Dr in the clinic longer than 3-5 minutes.
Bryant W. | Oct 06, 2023

Great annual exam, as always. I had cataract surgery on both eyes 9 years ago, followed be 1 laser procedure. All went well then, and every year I have my annual check up. Dr. Ackerman was great for the surgeries, and Dr. Robinson has taken great care of me ever since. Also, their stag is fantastic. THANKS.
Andrew L. | Oct 06, 2023

It was good
Ostin L. | Oct 05, 2023

It was our first time seeing Dr Kim. She was very thorough, kind and friendly. Have always had great experiences in this office.
Wayne G. | Oct 05, 2023

My overall experience was very nice. I dislike anything that has to do my eyes and everyone made me feel at ease.
Carmen A. | Oct 05, 2023

I had nice experience
Deborah A. | Oct 05, 2023

You have good staff. Thanks.
John M. | Oct 04, 2023

Best eye doctor in Georgia! Very patient and kind people.
Michael G. | Oct 04, 2023

Dr. Robinson is such a kind, down to earth guy, he’s very professional but his unrushed manner makes every visit a pleasure. Highly recommend.
Kent M. | Oct 04, 2023

Everyone at Advanced Eye Center is very professional. I have been a patient for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Judy P. | Oct 03, 2023

Dr. Kim was professional, thorough and asked vision-related questions which showed me she was interested in my condition. She was kind and took time to listen to my visual concerns. Thank you, Dr. Kim.
Jean D. | Oct 03, 2023

Mrs Kim is so friendly make feel very confident. I think my eyes are in good hands.
Jose P. | Oct 02, 2023

Very good
Mary C. | Sep 30, 2023

So far very impressed with every stage of the process. Very professional. However the results are not as good as I had hoped and my right eye is not as clear as my left eye which was done 7 years ago. Coming back in to see Dr. Aker to correct the problem. It has been over 5 weeks since the procedure.
Joseph G. | Sep 30, 2023

Professional, efficient, quality & caring eye care. No complaints- will highly recommend.
Amy M. | Sep 30, 2023

Dr Robinson is very through and easy to talk with i feel very confident in all my appointments and outcomes.
Judy M. | Sep 29, 2023

This doctors office is the best.
Scott H. | Sep 29, 2023

Loved the staff very professional
Eric S. | Sep 29, 2023

Good quick service
Alan C. | Sep 29, 2023

Gary T. | Sep 29, 2023

Top notch, across the board
Christian B. | Sep 28, 2023

It was good. All the staff was friendly.
Shawn D. | Sep 28, 2023

Nice friendly people
Charles B. | Sep 28, 2023

Dr. Kim and all the staff are professional, efficient, friendly and accommodating, overall an excellent experience.
Claudette H. | Sep 27, 2023

On this follow up to a recent eye exam with Dr Kim & staff—Very courteous and prompt.
Woodrow G. | Sep 27, 2023

Great, the nurses and doctors were great. Thanks for what you do.
Stanley T. | Sep 27, 2023

Anita S. | Sep 26, 2023

Gloria A. | Sep 26, 2023

I was having a problem with my left eye and Dr. Kim was very thorough and assured me that my eye was fine.
Lisa M. | Sep 26, 2023

Continuation of professional care from all personnel. Very pleased with the short wait time before I was called back to see Dr. Kim. She explained the results of my vision test as well as at home treatment & to follow up with Dr. Robinson at my scheduled appointment next month.
Joyce G. | Sep 26, 2023

Very thorough. Nice, kind staff. The only reason for one less star is that despite asking me which pharmacy I use twice they still sent my prescription to my old pharmacy.
Susan N. | Sep 25, 2023

Wonderful staff and doctor.
Carol S. | Sep 23, 2023

Rebecca P. | Sep 23, 2023

friendly staff, provider knowledgeable, visit went quickly
Johnny E. | Sep 22, 2023

It was good, little wait time, but that’s normal
Randall J. | Sep 22, 2023

I really like Dr Kim. Kind, nice, personable, and overall the best Dr. I’ve seen in a while. She is a real asset to the practice.
Matthew B. | Sep 22, 2023

Efficient, great system
Beth G. | Sep 22, 2023

Very organized, friendly and professional environment
Kathy S. | Sep 22, 2023

Dr. Kim was pleasant, knowledgeable and caring!
Lamara M. | Sep 22, 2023

I look forward to my annual visit every year. Dr. Robinson and his staff are professional, thorough, caring and helpful.
Julie P. | Sep 21, 2023

Dr. Robinson was very patient when I had a lot of questions. And very honest! I love this eye group!
Elizabeth G. | Sep 21, 2023

Good explanation of my condition and caring services.
Jackson H. | Sep 21, 2023

Staff at this facility is fantastic
Charles B. | Sep 21, 2023

Dr. Robinson is very kind and really gives your eyes a careful exam.
Pamela C. | Sep 20, 2023

Everyone is very professional and well trained in each job. A very friendly staff!!
Gina C. | Sep 19, 2023

Michael G. | Sep 19, 2023

Good professional experience
Magda P. | Sep 19, 2023

Always have a great experience, have recommended you to many people
Donna L. | Sep 19, 2023

Answered questions and offered advice Great experience
Roberta B. | Sep 18, 2023

Everyone nice & helpful
Marilyn C. | Sep 18, 2023

Dr. Kim is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and personable. Recommend her without reservation.
Ellen N. | Sep 18, 2023

Everyone was kind, courteous, professional, informative and wonderful — as always. Thank you!
Katheryn T. | Sep 16, 2023

Cynthia Y. | Sep 16, 2023

Excellent service. Professional and kind staff, clean office and short wait times.
Dixie B. | Sep 16, 2023

Did not have a long wait time. Had eye exam and glasses fixed. Was greeted warmly by staff. They were thorough and professional.
Betty T. | Sep 16, 2023

Angela O. | Sep 15, 2023

Your help are the nicest people anywhere! From a 1 to 10 it would have to be a 10.
Lonnie W. | Sep 15, 2023

Friendly helpful staff from receptionists to Dr…Very knowledgeable and professional. Definitely recommend.
Shawn W. | Sep 15, 2023

Every one was very friendly and knowledgeable
Barbara R. | Sep 14, 2023

Dr Kim ad Al the attendants were very attentive
Audrey G. | Sep 14, 2023

Very efficient and friendly
Bradley A. | Sep 14, 2023

Excellent care
James H. | Sep 14, 2023

Good atencion
Samuel V. | Sep 14, 2023

Every one in the office’s are professional
Duane P. | Sep 13, 2023

Friendly and caring staff and nurses
Patricia W. | Sep 13, 2023

Dr. Robinson was able to give me a diagnosis and a prescription for my issue in a timely manner. He was very polite and explained everything to me in a way I could understand it.
Dennis C. | Sep 11, 2023

I really liked him. Felt like he was really listening.
April B. | Sep 09, 2023

Pretty efficient. Was taken within 5 mins of my appointment time.
Ronald O. | Sep 08, 2023

Very good!! Megan, the opthalmic tech was fantastic. Dr Robinson is always wonderful!
Kelly S. | Sep 08, 2023

Wonderful staff
Heidi A. | Sep 08, 2023

Great as usual.
Karl S. | Sep 08, 2023

Very knowledgeable and efficient staff also
Patrick F. | Sep 07, 2023

Great like always.
Melvin P. | Sep 07, 2023

delighted as usual
Ashley W. | Sep 06, 2023

Very helpful asked what issues I was experiencing and what could help with them!
Thomas N. | Sep 06, 2023

Virginia H. | Sep 06, 2023

Great care. Did multiple tests to rule out problems. Very conscientious and experienced team.
Brenda E. | Sep 06, 2023

Friendly and clear on explaining exam results and further required action.
Richard W. | Sep 06, 2023

Great person and so nice and thoughtful and was so understanding to my own situation
Patrick F. | Sep 05, 2023

Very professional and answered all my question. I felt like I got the best eye exam you can receive
Julian M. | Sep 05, 2023

We just move to Gainesville Ga. from Florida. We find that the Dr Kim’s office here will answer the phone, are polite, and everyone seams to be happy and accommodating. Unlike the businesses in Florida. We are happy to be patient of Dr Kim!
Dan B. | Sep 05, 2023

Roy P. | Sep 04, 2023

Donna F. | Sep 03, 2023

Dr. Ackerman spent a good bit of time with me and was very kind and reassuring. He presented many options to help solve my issues with my eyes.
Melissa S. | Sep 03, 2023

Roger M. | Sep 02, 2023

Very personable and professional. Paid attention to my concerns.
Reggie S. | Sep 02, 2023

Everything is professional and staff is very friendly.
Joseph D. | Sep 02, 2023

Ashley was great
James R. | Sep 01, 2023

Very informative doc was nice and informative
Foy W. | Sep 01, 2023

Excellent for all members of Dr. Robinsons team.
Earl U. | Sep 01, 2023

Dr. Robinson was interested in my eyes. He knew that the dialation of my eye would not last long and I would be able to see by that evening.
Rebecca W. | Sep 01, 2023

Dr. Ackerman was very knowledgeable regarding the problems with my eyes. Very impressed with the whole procedures.
Rebecca W. | Sep 01, 2023

Great with explaining everything.
Pamala P. | Sep 01, 2023

Jannie J. | Sep 01, 2023

Good service and care
Michael C. | Sep 01, 2023

I thought everyone at the Center was top notch efficient. It was refreshing to have such assistance!
Gale P. | Sep 01, 2023

Dr. Kim is an outstanding, added asset to Dr. Ackerman’s ‘Advanced Eye Center’! She is easy to talk to, listens to your questions and takes the time to explain her answer to your satisfaction! She is very professional, friendly and easy to talk to! Dr. Ackerman has created a ‘well oiled machine’ with the entire staff trained to make your appointment as pleasant as possible! I eagerly recommend the ‘Advanced Eye Center’ to anyone that asks me what ophthalmologists do I trust with my eye health !
Kim M. | Aug 31, 2023

Cathey S. | Aug 31, 2023

Very organized, staff are pleasant. The entire office is extremely organized and you can have your exam, speak with your doctor and be on your way out in a reasonable amount of time. Very pleased with my experience with this facility.
Donna W. | Aug 31, 2023

Great experience
Wanda A. | Aug 31, 2023

We have used Dr Ackerman for many years. He is always attentive to our needs and the office has. Paid NCL atmosphere.
Elizabeth G. | Aug 31, 2023

Good experience everyone was courteous and very professional.
Carroll G. | Aug 31, 2023

Dr. Ackerman is a great eye Doctor.and a very pleasant man.explains every thing about your eyes .Gives good advice how to take care of them.
Jimmie J. | Aug 30, 2023

Staff friendly and thorough.
David S. | Aug 30, 2023

Hands down…the BEST!
Jamie L. | Aug 28, 2023

It was a good experience. Very nice Dr Kim and staff. Appreciate being able to get an appointment for the next day! Thank you!
Kathey C. | Aug 28, 2023

It was good
Jennifer C. | Aug 28, 2023

My visit was good. I feel like when they were doing my eye exam. That they didn’t know how to do it. I have had better results before.
Susan S. | Aug 27, 2023

It was very professional
Robert T. | Aug 26, 2023

Very satisfied with the care provided by Dr Ackerman and his Nurse. I just wish the wait time was shorter.
Louis S. | Aug 26, 2023

Everyone I have encountered has been courteous and very clear. I would say that level of care is top tier. Wait times have so far not been overly burdensome. Patients seem to be moved through efficiently. Overall I’ve been very pleased
Jerry M. | Aug 25, 2023

Great professionals
Bruce J. | Aug 25, 2023

Very friendly and helpful people. My eyes are so much better now! I can even drive in the dark again. Thank you so much!!!
Dawn C. | Aug 25, 2023

He is a good eye doctor
Brenda D. | Aug 24, 2023

Very good service,well organized
Joseph W. | Aug 24, 2023

Very professional
Stanley T. | Aug 24, 2023

Dr. Robinson was my post op doctor after cataract surgery on Aug 22nd. He was really thorough, quick and caring. The entire staff from the front desk when you walk in to all the other eye care professionals seem to really care. Once again thank you Dr Robinson and everybody at Advance Eye who helped save my vision.
Michael A. | Aug 23, 2023

Everyone was kind, friendly and very knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable
Fedora R. | Aug 10, 2023

Great experience. No waiting. Very professional.
Doris L. | Aug 09, 2023

I had pain & a lot of discomfort in my eyes and I went to get my eyes checked. They got me in immediately and took care of my problem. My eyes are much better now. Thank you. But I don’t understand why you keep asking me to review my prescription!
Barry S. | Aug 09, 2023

Everyone was so sweet, patient, and bubbly! Very helpful, friendly staff! I loved everyone I met and have never been so happy at a doctor’s office lol! Give them a raise and and a party! ❤️
Cassidy D. | Aug 08, 2023

I was very nervous right now going in for the first time due to a floater issue in the eye. Fortunately, they were very very gentle and caring with me today….great bedside manner from the doctor.
Julie D. | Aug 08, 2023

excellent staff
Daisy L. | Aug 08, 2023

The best visit I have ever had very through and understood my needs very important to me Thank You So Much DR Kim
Edna L. | Aug 08, 2023

The staff is amazing
Eric W. | Aug 08, 2023

Dr. Kim was very helpful and knowledgeable. The staff there were all friendly and I actually enjoyed my visit. Minus getting my pupils dilated. But, it has to be done. I would and have recommended this practice to others.
Sheri Y. | Aug 08, 2023

Staff is great and dr was very helpful and informative and listen to me
Kenneth C. | Aug 07, 2023

Dr Robinson and all of the staff treats you special and are very knowledgeable about your care. They are also patient with you when you have questions. Thanks so very much.
Janice Y. | Aug 07, 2023

Larry W. | Aug 07, 2023

As always a great experience when I see Dr. Robinson. He listens and explains what is happening in detail.
Jason P. | Aug 07, 2023

Dr. Robinson found my problem quickly and came up with a solution.
Pamela C. | Aug 05, 2023

State of the art
Willis B. | Aug 05, 2023

Everyone was very nice and the doctor I had Kim was very professional & nice.
Jareli D. | Aug 05, 2023

Friendly staff. No long waits. Providers are the best!
Gayle V. | Aug 04, 2023

It went fine..Just wish I had ask a few more questions!!! Over all it was just fine.
Marie L. | Aug 04, 2023

Got fast appointment for concerning issue. They were very thorough. Only problem is I think the eyeglass center bill of $25 for a pd measurement is a bit high.
Patricia D. | Aug 04, 2023

It was a good experience really active with the personal not a lot of wait time
Adrian C. | Aug 04, 2023

Very nice and I didn’t have to wait. Lots of people working to make it a great place. They forgot to give my PX for Glasses though. My eyes were dilated when I left so I forgot to ask for it.
Tina H. | Aug 04, 2023

Very Caring
Kathy S. | Aug 04, 2023

Very thorough exams. All my questions were answered. Staff and doctor very professional and friendly.
Laurie C. | Aug 04, 2023

Very professional ,great extensive precision equipment ,the Dr seems talented , Super good staff.
Andrew C. | Aug 03, 2023

I am very impressed with Advance Eye Center … the entire staff presents their selves in a professional, friendly manner which places the patient in a relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend Advance Eye Center! Harry (Sonny ) Dycus
Harry D. | Aug 03, 2023

Excellent visit. Very efficient and professional staff. Dr. Kim was very nice, provided answers to all my questions.
Guy L. | Aug 03, 2023

It was a very pleasing experience everyone is nice and helpful
Joann T. | Aug 03, 2023

Very meticulous and very professional and extremely friendly
James S. | Aug 03, 2023

Office is efficient. Got me in several days before appointment.
Patricia C. | Aug 03, 2023

Dr. Robinson answered my questions and put me at ease.
Elizabeth G. | Aug 03, 2023

All my visits have been satisfied. He itakes time to explain things and gives answers to your questions.
Phylliss H. | Aug 03, 2023

Michael G. | Aug 03, 2023

Very pleasant. Very describing my problem. Thanks
Evelyn W. | Aug 03, 2023

The visit was prompt with very little waiting time and everyone was friendly and informative. Dr. Robinson was very thorough with his findings.
Shirley K. | Aug 02, 2023

Everyone from the receptionist, the person that did my eye exam, dilated my eyes, Dr Kim and Anna in the optical center were kind and helpful
William B. | Aug 02, 2023

Punctual, nice, considerate and explained my exam thoroughly.
Deborah B. | Aug 02, 2023

Very good
Harold D. | Aug 02, 2023

Ricky L. | Aug 01, 2023

Obviously to me Dr. Ackerman did a great job pegging my new lens and Dr. Kim has been a pleasure to work with post op!! Thanks Guys and Gals for a job well done and that extends to the retail store too as they have been very helpful in securing my new prescription after an 8 month previous prescription update!!
Gary T. | Aug 01, 2023

It was great….No wait time…I was treated with courtesy by everyone I encountered…all of my questions were answered…
Jane Y. | Aug 01, 2023

Everyone was extremely friendly and seemed to be very knowledgeable of their job. Dr. Ackerman the greatest!!
Patricia S. | Jul 31, 2023

Dr. Robertson is easy to talk with and takes the time to explain and answer all your questions. I recommend him highly.
Kent K. | Jul 30, 2023

Fast and friendly service. Very satisfied.
Christopher H. | Jul 29, 2023

I am not qualified to speak to ability but, when a doctor takes the time to actually sit for more than 30 seconds to explain what is happening with your particular condition, and, in my case chastise me for skipping a dose of my meds I am thrilled!.
E P. | Jul 29, 2023

got in got out without a cane
William B. | Jul 28, 2023

Great service!
Leslie H. | Jul 28, 2023

As always it was very good.
Linda H. | Jul 28, 2023

Great doctor
Gloria H. | Jul 27, 2023

The staff and Doctors are very efficient and knowledgeable
Betty G. | Jul 27, 2023

Thankful my eye appointment was good.
Rachel O. | Jul 27, 2023

Efficient and professional care and attention to detail.
Emma H. | Jul 26, 2023

Great job
Alton L. | Jul 26, 2023

Dr. Robinson saw my son after hours without an appointment. He was very kind and understanding. We will go back for sure!
Ryan S. | Jul 26, 2023

Experience was great! Staff was very knowledgeable and curious!
Walter F. | Jul 26, 2023

Dr. Robinson is fantastic! Answered all my questions and advised about future treatment of cataracts. Looking forward to seeing Advanced Eye Clinic next year!
Barbara M. | Jul 25, 2023

Professional, timely, knowledgeable and friendly. Cataract surgery five years ago,Yearly visits sense. Thank you
Robert B. | Jul 25, 2023

Let you know after the 17th of Aug
Berrie S. | Jul 25, 2023

My left eye is considerably better since I have been under Dr. Ackerman’s care.
Jacquelyn R. | Jul 25, 2023

Arnold S. | Jul 24, 2023

Every thing was explained clearly about my eyes, good service from everyone
Scottye S. | Jul 22, 2023

Great service and care!
Elaine H. | Jul 22, 2023

All went well–I was in and out in a timely manner.
Jean S. | Jul 22, 2023

Cataracts gone and the world is bright again.
Catherine Y. | Jul 22, 2023

The follow up to my surgery was fine. Hope eye #2 goes as well
Janice H. | Jul 22, 2023

Peggy G. | Jul 21, 2023

I had a problem and advanced eye worked me in
Randall J. | Jul 21, 2023

My appt was at 1:40 I waited until 2:30 only to have less than a 5 minute appt. I even called and asked if they were running late on appts they replied they are on time. This happens frequently. Very disappointing.
Rowena A. | Jul 21, 2023

I had a good experience with the Advance
David R. | Jul 21, 2023

Dr. Robinson was friendly, attentive & helpful, answering all of my questions.
Karen J. | Jul 21, 2023

Carol B. | Jul 21, 2023

Visit was on time and examination thorough.
Philip M. | Jul 21, 2023

Good visit and it cost less than I expected.
Jody R. | Jul 20, 2023

Dr. Robinson is an excellent doctor very thorough. I’m pleased to have him as my eye doctor. Dr. Robinson & all the staff are friendly and efficient. I recommend Advanced Eye Center it’s the perfect place to go to get excellent eye care. Daphne L.
Daphne L. | Jul 20, 2023

Everyone I interacted with was very kind and helpful!
Ruth K. | Jul 20, 2023

I had right eye cataract surgery & it was very calm quick &?easy process
Kathy B. | Jul 20, 2023

Had an appt for an eye infection on July 18th and saw Dr Robinson for the first time. He was wonderful.
Michael A. | Jul 19, 2023

My chart was misplaced and I had to wait almost an hour to be put in a room and only after I ask how long it would be.
Margaret O. | Jul 19, 2023

Dr Kim was nice as were all the staff except front desk ladies. Timing was good
Hannah K. | Jul 18, 2023

As usual everything was great again no problems. Staff was great this is why Advanced Eye Center is the best in Gainesville and I have been a patient since 1989
Christopher S. | Jul 17, 2023

No long wait just to see PA or technicians
Cynthia F. | Jul 17, 2023

Good experience as always. First time seeing Dr. Kim. Very pleasant and knowledgeable.
Marita S. | Jul 17, 2023

Everyone was Great, and Dr. Kim, Was very nice and knowledgeable, I had a wonderful experience! Would definitely Recommend this Group to anyone!
Glenda Y. | Jul 15, 2023

Everything was fast and the staff was very friendly. The doctor was very informative and helpful and addressed all of my concerns.
Rita G. | Jul 14, 2023

Very professional, friendly, talked to you, answered questions very comfortable.
William C. | Jul 14, 2023

Best eye exam ever
Martha A. | Jul 14, 2023

Dr. Robinson is wonderful!!!!! Dr. Kim worked me in for a needed apt today, and was awesome too!!! 🙂
Emilee K. | Jul 14, 2023

Be professional
Christopher K. | Jul 13, 2023

Very nice and friendly. Felt like I was getting a very good eye exam.
Richard S. | Jul 13, 2023

He was personal, knowledgeable and attentive.
Meg S. | Jul 13, 2023

Very professional
Christopher K. | Jul 13, 2023

Very friendly staff. Waiting time was good. Liked Ealeen Kim,O.D. very much. Hold lot better this year overall.
Juanita H. | Jul 13, 2023

Very good
Cindy S. | Jul 13, 2023

It was complete
Mary H. | Jul 13, 2023

Great ecperience
Virginia S. | Jul 13, 2023

Clarissa F. | Jul 11, 2023

It was great! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The wait was almost nonexistent and I could not be more pleased with my experience. My only critique is the office was cold! I’ll bring a jacket next time.
Shannon P. | Jul 11, 2023

They took me at my appointment time, everyone was super nice and professional , the entire experience was seamless
Virginia S. | Jul 11, 2023

It was great
Armando T. | Jul 11, 2023

This time I went the nurse that took me back was amazing. She was very nice and professional. Dr Kim was great also . Actually everyone was great.
Wanda B. | Jul 11, 2023

Good bedside matters, great helping me with my Eyewear needs for my job.
Sandra C. | Jul 11, 2023

The wait time was very short and the staff was great
Gary H. | Jul 10, 2023

Dr Kim is very thorough and knowledgeable. Willing to answer all questions. Best ophthalmologist I ever had. One of MA offered to walk me to my car after my eye procedure.
Betty D. | Jul 10, 2023

Joan A. | Jul 07, 2023

Dr Ackerman and his staff are great
Larry R. | Jul 07, 2023

Dr.Kim is great!!!!
Mary W. | Jul 06, 2023

Very ,Through,Friendly Service from Staff as Well as Dr.Kim
Janice M. | Jul 05, 2023

He was very nice very friendly and have no complaints
Charity W. | Jul 03, 2023

Basic eye checkup.
Carol T. | Jul 03, 2023

Answered all my questions. Friendly, knowledgeable staff as well. Really appreciate 🙂
Carmen Y. | Jul 03, 2023

Se.Robinson is very empathetic and patient, always taking time to discuss any issues the patient may have!
Mary S. | Jul 02, 2023

The front desk lady was nice. The lady who did my eye exam not so much… she didn’t seem very happy to be there nor did she treat me like she cared. When putting the eye drops in my eyes, I understand that it’s going to burn however, she was trying to do the second drops right away and I told her I was trying to open my eyes but was unable. She then proceeded to tell me to just hold my eye open with my fingers. I tried to do so which still was hard to do. It would have been nice if she could’ve gave me a minute to adjust with the first set of drops before adding the second set. When I was in the middle waiting room, I saw another lady do the drops to a man and she gave him time before adding the second ones and seemed so kind with a smile on her face. Love the doctor who checked my eyes though, he’s always kind and has a smile on his face. This place has kind workers it was just the one lady who was a shorter Hispanic looking lady with her hair down. Unsure what her name was, the lady who checked me out was also nice.
Shyann S. | Jul 01, 2023

Perry K. | Jul 01, 2023

Excellent detailed exam and eye care.thsnkd a million. Samc
Samuel C. | Jun 30, 2023

Shelia C. | Jun 30, 2023

Good… Dr Kim was awesome
Tracy L. | Jun 30, 2023

Very good
Betty M. | Jun 30, 2023

Everyone very caring
Kimberly S. | Jun 30, 2023

Friendly, professional, and efficient.
Peter W. | Jun 30, 2023

Enjoyed meeting Dr Kim. She was very thorough, professional, and knowledgeable with a great bedside manner! Every staff member seems to enjoy their jobs and it shows in how they treat their patients.
Linda P. | Jun 29, 2023

The wait time has not goten better as it has been for the years I have been coming. I was assigned to Dr. Kim for this check up and it was not Dr. Kims fault. Her service was acceptable once I reached the back.
LAURIE B. | Jun 29, 2023

Very courteous and efficient admin and medical support staff and I found Dr Kim pleasant, knowledgeable, and unhurried. Nice experience!
Ronald T. | Jun 29, 2023

There was no waiting for my appointment. All of the staff from the front desk to when I checked out were efficient, friendly and professional. Dr.Robinson answered the questions I had and was very helpful.
Mary Lee S. | Jun 29, 2023

Very professional, thorough, knowledgeable and did not rush
Robert D. | Jun 29, 2023

Time was taken to evaluate my problem and treatment was recommended. Never felt rushed.
Patricia B. | Jun 29, 2023

Always so kind and giving me information on my eyes in a way I understand.
Gail I. | Jun 29, 2023

Everything was done perfectly by people who really seem to care.
Robert A. | Jun 29, 2023

As always everyone was friendly and professional
Carol E. | Jun 29, 2023

always enjoy DrA. He is ready with info for improving my vision ……Thanks. Don Mills
Don M. | Jun 28, 2023

All information was explained and discussed with me about my eyes.
Pamela C. | Jun 28, 2023

Very professional help from all the young ladies working there including Dr Kim.
Pierre A. | Jun 28, 2023

Great staff and excellent doctor
Delores D. | Jun 28, 2023

Thorough exam
Mary H. | Jun 28, 2023

Amazing doctor, would definitely recommend!
Sergio P. | Jun 28, 2023

Divon did the initial testing, and she was professional, caring and pleasant. Dr.Robinson did the testing at the end and was professional, and kind.
Patricia L. | Jun 27, 2023

As you are aware I had some complications after the surgery. I rescheduled my eye surgery on, the right eye, for Tuesday, August 1, 2023. Karen stated there were no dates available for July. I trust the surgery on the right eye will be a “breeze” with no complications. The staff is wonderful and beyond my expectations … they are to be commended. Dr. Bo is delightful and is most courteous.
Harry D. | Jun 27, 2023

Caring staff and doctors. I’ve been going there for many years.
Judith W. | Jun 27, 2023

Informative of eye issues. Easy to understand and compassionate.
Kim M. | Jun 27, 2023

Most impressed with conversation and examination with Dr. Ackerman and crew. All were thorough and patient; took their time and were most responsive in answering all my questions and concerns. Had concerns about driving after having eyes dilated because of earlier experience, but found that was an anomaly. Left feeling I am in very good hands.
Susan J. | Jun 27, 2023

It was fine
Thomas F. | Jun 27, 2023

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I feel like I was given an excellent eye exam and everyone listened to my concerns.
Melisa T. | Jun 27, 2023

Explained everything fully. Very satisfied!
June W. | Jun 26, 2023

Very nice and explained everything that was being done
Gloria F. | Jun 25, 2023

Was pleased with Dr. Grateful I came there
Sheila D. | Jun 24, 2023

Dr. Ackerman and his stuff are fantastic in every way.
Jeff S. | Jun 24, 2023

Dr. Kim was good explaining about my eyes and took her time.
Robert T. | Jun 24, 2023

Dr. Kim was very nice and took her time on explaining what was wrong with my eyes.
Virginia T. | Jun 24, 2023

Very informative and customer service was great
Barbara P. | Jun 23, 2023

Very professional. Nice,efficient staff. Very satisfied.
Bradley A. | Jun 22, 2023

Very good
Lamar A. | Jun 22, 2023

Very good.
John R. | Jun 21, 2023

Waited for only about 10 minutes to be called back. Each step of the process was quick and smooth with very little downtime in between. I would highly recommend Dr. Robinson. He and his assistants thoroughly explain every step of each process, and we’re all very professional.
Susan S. | Jun 20, 2023

He is very knowledgeable and caring.
James S. | Jun 20, 2023

I have been a patient of Dr. Ackerman for 30 years. He has kept my vision and eye health for these many years. I would recommend without any hesitation his services to any one. He has kept his clinic equipment up to date with the latest tech available for proper diagnosis of eye disease and vision correction. Thank you Dr. Ackerman. See you next year.
Ricardo P. | Jun 20, 2023

Got in and out quickly
Ronald W. | Jun 19, 2023

He’s a wonderful professional doctor. Very knowledgeable. Bridgett Hunt
Bridgett H. | Jun 17, 2023

I appreciated the time Dr. Kim spent with me and discussing my eyesight. She didn’t appear rushed at all.
James P. | Jun 17, 2023

I had a very good experience during my appointment
Shantaye K. | Jun 16, 2023

Great exam, Dr.Kim did a great job.
Ronald V. | Jun 16, 2023

Great service ,very courteous .Very knowledgeable of my case history and current issues or non issues with my eyes .
Mickey C. | Jun 16, 2023

Muy profesional la doctora y me curo mi ojo que sentía que traía agujas en el párpado de arriba ….100%la recomiendo…..
Maria O. | Jun 16, 2023

Very professional , excellent customer b
Willie S. | Jun 16, 2023

Very cordial, on time. Professional and informative.
Betty M. | Jun 16, 2023

Dr Kim was nice I will go back next year. Thanks Dr Kim
Brenda T. | Jun 16, 2023

Dr Kim is awesome,!
Richard G. | Jun 15, 2023

Very good service
Emory B. | Jun 15, 2023

Very professional, knowledgeable, courteous.
Brenda V. | Jun 15, 2023

Very helpful and polite staff.
Steven S. | Jun 15, 2023

A very pleasureable and professional experience.
Francis C. | Jun 15, 2023

It was quick and easy and I trust Dr.Kim and her opinion.
Avery F. | Jun 15, 2023

Experience was good professional and through.
Jackson H. | Jun 14, 2023

Every person from reception to billing was professional, pleasant, and helpful. The technicians were very capable and helpful.
Mary W. | Jun 12, 2023

I was impressed with Dr. Robinson and how thorough the eye exam was.
Sherry W. | Jun 11, 2023

Is good
Sergio H. | Jun 10, 2023

Courteous and answered all of my questions. She was able to tell me the reason why my old glasses did not perform properly.
Janice W. | Jun 10, 2023

These doctors are at the top of their field and know how to take care of their patients. They are the best that’s why my husband and I have been going there for years. I wouldn’t think of going to someone else.
Shirley C. | Jun 09, 2023

Had a great experience Thank you for going the extra mile to take care of the eye care needs
Diane S. | Jun 08, 2023

Friendly staff and the Doctor was great
Stanley T. | Jun 08, 2023

Very good, completely satisfied
Kevin L. | Jun 08, 2023

Great experience from check in to eye wear purchase.
Cassandra D. | Jun 07, 2023

We were completely satisfied by our experience. From receptionists to Dr. Kim, we received the utmost of care and concern.
Ralph M. | Jun 07, 2023

Everyone was very nice and helpful. I did not have to wait long. The doctor was able to resolved my eye issues.
Vinitha R. | Jun 07, 2023

The whole experience was much better than what I had read about online. They are great!
Robert P. | Jun 07, 2023

Staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Robinson is down to earth and amazing. Answers all of my questions and takes the time to listen to my concerns.
Kelly S. | Jun 06, 2023

Dr. Leroy Robinson was courteous, well informed, and very professional. He answered all of my questions so that I understood. Thank you!
Pamela R. | Jun 06, 2023

I had a good report
Cherry A. | Jun 06, 2023

The staff performed a thorough examination and everyone was very pleasant.
Jeff S. | Jun 05, 2023

Great doctor and wonderful staff members
Delfina S. | Jun 05, 2023

Thank you
Samuel R. | Jun 05, 2023

Extremely polite and customer friendly staff. All explained everything thoroughly. Dr Ackerman took his time to talk and listen without being rushed! Highly recommend this practice!
Shawn W. | Jun 03, 2023

Although I have been a patient of Advanced Eye Center for six years, this was my first appointment with Dr. Kim. I could not be more pleased with her care. I found her to be knowledgeable, thorough and very caring. She exemplifies the qualities that I have enjoyed from every staff member at this practice; they are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. This practice provides the most thorough examination that I have ever experienced, and they are so organized in every aspect.
Brenda M. | Jun 03, 2023

I am so thankful that the Advanced Eye Center was able to work me in, without an appointment, on a Friday! I developed an eye infection, the night before, and knew I needed to be seen, before the weekend. The front desk, technicians and Dr. Kim were wonderful! Everyone was pleasant, patient, professional, understanding and reassuring! I feel fortunate to be an established patient! Thanks again!
Kim M. | Jun 03, 2023

Everyone is always very nice and helpful. Dr. Ackerman always makes you feel valued. I’m not just a number!
Susan P. | Jun 02, 2023

Dr. Akerman is frank, honest and trustworthy. I value his expertise, opinions and recommendations above all others in his field. He is personable and never makes you feel like he is rushed and he speaks in layman’s terms. It’s your time and at that moment you are the one person given his full attention.
Kay H. | Jun 02, 2023

Prompt. Very personalized service
Betty D. | Jun 02, 2023

Very friendly staff
Susan E. | Jun 02, 2023

Has to be one of the best experiences in a doctors office ever
Randall L. | Jun 02, 2023

Only waited 10 minutes and then the staff got me in and out quickly.
Kenneth Y. | Jun 02, 2023

Great from start to finish.
David F. | Jun 02, 2023