Vision Correction

Have you been struggling to see to drive at night or frustrated with dealing with your contact lenses? Our team is highly trained to handle all types of vision needs. In our surgery center we offer laser cataract surgery for vision correction which may be the solution for your difficulty driving at night. Cataract surgery is not just for grandma. We have all types of specialty lenses that can used to help reduce the need for driving glasses and computer glasses. You may be an accountant or jeweler and have high near vision demands, and there is a special lens for that also. If you are someone who loves the outdoors and reading a good book at night, we have a special lens for that as well. These upgraded lenses with cataract surgery can offer distance and near vision in each eye. This combined with the laser cataract surgery means safer procedure with more accurate outcomes. This translates to better vision for your active lifestyle. Click here to read more.

Presbyopic Lens Exchange Surgery

Are you too young for cataract surgery and not interested in one eye focused for distance and one eye focused for near? Presbyopic lens exchange may be the right answer for you. With all the different type of multifocal lenses available today, there is a solution for your vision needs. With the lens exchange, you can have excellent detailed near vision and distance vision in one eye along with wonderful distance and computer vision in the other. This blended vision can give you wonderful clarity and focus at all areas of your life better than LASIK with monovision. With your busy lifestyle, waking with clear vision frees up so much time and what you are able to do. Spend your day doing things you love, not chores you must do in order to see.

We have all laser LASIK to upgrade your eyes and free them from the glasses and contacts. When you consider the money that you pay for your eye gear, from contact lenses, to cases, to cleaners, solution and eye drops, and the amount of time you spend dealing with all of that stuff, blurry vision is very costly. Think about you hourly wage and then add up all the time you spend dealing with glasses and contact lenses, from the doctor’s office to ordering products, to shopping for supplies at the store. Pay yourself now and save all that money over your lifetime. Time is one thing you cannot replace, so save your time, and save your money with all laser LASIK. Make 2019 20/20. Click here to learn more

The truth is that our computer, tablet, and smart phone lifestyles take a toll on our eyes. We have seen an increase in the need for glasses in order to see distances in larger numbers than ever before. The shift to near focused tasks has created a more near-sighted community. With your children, they will be far more likely to need eye glasses than you did at their age. Here in our office we provide excellent eye exams and with our in-house optical we can find a great pair of glasses that they will love to wear. We have many styles and designers to choose from along with stronger frames that can take a beating. LASIK is an option for your children after they are 18 years of age and they have had minimal change in their prescription for over a year. Schedule an appointment for your loved ones today.