There’s a point at which enough is enough and glasses have to come off your face. Be careful you avoid the worst places to set your glasses.

Maybe they’ve been hugging your ears or pinching your nose for too many consecutive hours, or maybe you just want a break from clarity and want to put the world out of focus — whatever the reason, be very careful where you set those bad boys down.

These are the five worst, absolute worst, places to set your glasses down (and you know you have set your glasses down one or more of these places).

1. In a rideshare or taxi

This seems like an obvious one, but it’s also kinda the perfect place to give your eyes a break. You’re headed from one place you needed to see and/or interact with people to another place you’ll need to see and/or interact with people. By all means, take your glasses off, but do not set them down in the car. Because cars drive away, and it’s crazy hard getting your rideshare or taxi driver to drive back. Does this happen? Way more often than you would think.

2. Anywhere toddlers are present

They’re curious about objects and their hands are sticky. Also, kids’ hands are pinkeye factories. Consider yourself warned. Ask any friend with kids, long hair and glasses are the first thing those precious babies grab and then as toddlers they just cannot resist. Short haired, glasses-free parents have it easy! Just ask them…just kidding. It is just a few less tasks to handle and certainly makes their lives easier.

3. Or dogs

They’re curious about objects and they interact with them using their teeth. Don’t blame them, it’s their nature to explore using those sharp, pointy, crushers. Do not leave those glasses on the coffee table whatever you do. Those teeth are a $300+ trip to Lensmakers or Eyecrafters.  Keep those glasses up high.

4. Your shirt pocket or on the neckline

This is a default spot for a lot of people, which is a tragic mistake. It’s super easy to forget they’re there, and they’re prone to fall out when you bend over, which is a high-speed, one-way trip to a cement or concrete surface if you’re outside or, yes, even the toilet. How many scratches from the floor on those glasses already? Let’s protect your ticket into the world of vision.

5. Almost any table

For two reasons: 1. If you walk away from the table, it becomes much harder to locate your glasses when you don’t have your glasses on, and 2. Things get set down on tables. If someone isn’t paying attention or doesn’t expect your glasses to be there, all manner of grocery bags or heavy equipment can get set right on your frames. They can easily be knocked off onto the floor where another set of scratches will add to their “Character.”

If you want to set down your glasses for the very last time and haven’t given it a close look in a while, maybe it’s time to consider LASIK. It’s the vision correction solution that ditches the inconveniences of glasses and contacts, and you can talk your eye doctor all about it. Don’t have an eye doctor? Schedule an appointment with us.

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